War is Hell - literally!


  • Great atmosphere
  • Effective violence!
  • Impressive visuals


  • Powerful PC necessary
  • Unoriginal gameplay


NecroVision is a first person World War One shooter with a supernatural twist. You begin the game as an American Soldier captured and in German hands, but something happens before they can kill you, and you're left alone in and eerie destroyed landscape with bodies everywhere.

After meeting a tortured, cliched Cockney British soldier, you'll meet your first supernatural opponent, an impressive phantom that animates the dead around you, so they become you-eating Zombies...

There is certainly a lot of atmosphere in NecroVision, and the inclusion of evil spirits puts an interesting spin on the tired World War genre albeit a ridiculous one! You'll need a pretty good machine to get NecroVision running smoothly, though there are the usual graphics setting so you can optimize the game to your needs. The sound is effective, although the voice acting isn't the greatest, and doesn't seem to be well implemented in stereo yet - at one point a voice calls out "help!", but you can't hear which direction it's coming from , which is disorienting.

Your progress in NecroVision is periodically segued into cut scenes. How this will feel in the full game is difficult to say, but I hope it doesn't lead to a kind of on-rails feel. Control is the usual mouse and keyboard, and assuming you're used to it works well. There are nice melee attacks available for when you run out of bullets (you will!).

There is nothing really original about NecroVision's gameplay, but it's atmospheric, scary and graphically impressive.

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